The Great Wave Offering Has Began
I traveled from my Maryland home Sunday, April 29th, 2007 with the destination of the Cape Henry Memorial in Virginia Beach. My mission was that of refocusing on my God given mission, communing with His spirit, and knowing the spiritual reason for what seemed like another God adventure.


I arrived in the afternoon right before The Cape Henry Cross Ceremony was to begin. The bleachers quickly filled up in the hot sun so I took a seat on the sand in the shade of a monument and gazed at the beautiful azure sky. I switched off listening to the speakers and communing with God. He told me that I was correct in knowing I do not have the spiritual authority to tell a national church that the flag He had given me was theirs, but; I do have the spiritual authority to take what He has given me and offer it up, one on one; to Him.

The ceremony was over and people were lingering. I took the 7’ staff with flag and a gentleman offered assistance in putting it into the earth near the tall cross. Very quietly and quickly I offered it to God with the flag’s proper given name ‘Our LORD’s Flag’ as a Great Wave Offering to Him and asked that His son be glorified.

Within moments a boy asked me about the stick flags I had instinctively put into a carrying bag. I offered and he received one. Next lots of children came wanting a flag. They began laughing and smiling, running and leaping waving the flags. The Great Wave Offering had begun! Very subtle and very sweet… ‘unless you come as little children’. The scene was so colorful, delightful, and a sweet sight.

One child asked ‘why is there blood on that cross?’ Adults were listening. I answered ‘without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. Jesus shed His blood to save us from our sins.’

A lovely lady was quite excited and told me she is a descendant of Betsy Ross and she too interceded for unity in the church. Another woman wanted to know more and quietly stated ‘I sense there is something very spiritually significant going on here, I have chill bumps’. The Betsy Ross descendant and I agreed.

Last evening I was made aware that just over the hill from my home in Colora Md, Betsy Ross’s granddaughter is buried on Corn Cake Row. I have lived in Colora 30 years and did not know the history. The word Color and add an ‘a’-- The flag’s colors are the same as on Joshua’s ephod. The tapestry of a commission is being woven.

Marcia Thompson Eldreth


Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
                                                                                              Psalm 33:12