Commissioning Declarations
The United States Christian Flag
(Registered at the Library of Congress as Our LORD's Banner, and with it, the United States Christian Emblem)
October 20th in the year of our LORD 2012 on the National Mall, Washington DC, USA

To be read by Mrs. Toni Berry

Hearing, seeing and believing that this image called the United States Christian Flag and Emblem was given to us, the body of Christ in America, by the Holy Spirit for this time in the history of the United States, and recognizing the eagle to be the emblem of our forefathers, the cross to be the gateway by which mankind can come to God the Father, and that the scarlet represents the shed blood of our LORD Jesus Christ for the remission of sin, the purple being indicative of royalty and the truth that He is coming back King of Kings and Lord of Lords and we, as His people, are a royal priesthood, the white showing our purity and surrender; though our sins were as scarlet they have been made white as snow, the dark blue speaks that Jesus was bruised for our iniquities, and that the scripture on the image will not return void; We agree with those who have gone before us and millions of like minded Christians that the United States of America was established by God and for God and that His purposes for this nation will not be thwarted.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.


To be read by Retired Army Captain Robert Berry

e therefore, as God's people called by His name in the United States of America who have humbled ourselves, prayed and turned from our wicked ways, do hereby unify, transcending denominational divide, to recognize this flag and image as a means of declaring these truths in the highways and hedges of our nation and do further recognized it to be a symbol that boldly proclaims to the world and our enemies the God that we serve and we, upon the blowing of the shofars and the shouts of His people, do offer it up according to Psalm 20:5-7 and commission it to become "America's Great Wave Offering" to our LORD from a grateful people.

Then Captain Berry and Reverend Richardson raise there right arm as a sign for the trumpeters.
Blow the Shofars / Shouts

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