Cape Henry, Virginia Beach, Va
April 29, 2016
I have documented a series of unusual circumstances and occurrences that led me and two Christian friends to Cape Henry this April 29th.

Approximately 6 weeks before the trip I was told to use Our LORD?s Banner, AKA, U.S. Christian Flag, and strike the ground and it was to be a covert operation. There was to be a proclamation given (yet unrevealed). Initially I thought I was to go to Washington DC. but instructions continued and I was to go where the nation began in a prayer meeting on this, their 409th anniversary. It was specific that I use my oak staff vs my metal one as the pilgrims had used oak to erect a large cross on the shores of Cape Henry for the prayer meeting. I used the same flag and staff that was used to open OneCry16 in DC.

The purpose of the now infamous prayer meeting and dedication was to baptize into Christianity the souls of lost men and to propa-gate the gospel to the world. By God?s design the inspired drawing of the flag was done in Va Beach July 2, 2003 and that story can be seen, in part, on the video to your left as well as a re enactment of the Cape Henry Landing. This was to be my second trip to Cape Henry

I knew on April 28th that the message to the Church in America was to be Psalm 20 based and arranged as the court in heaven having heard an appeal and it being granted to America for the end time propagation of the gospel. The morning of April 29th I awoke at the Founder?s Inn while it was still dark out. I went over to one of the desks in the lobby and began to compose as The Spirit led. One was a message to the opposition (Satan, the accuser) and the other to the church. The striking of the ground was to accompany the message to the opposition. My friends joined me in a couple of hours. Tricia Campbell and Susan McCracken read and their spirits concurred with mine and they too signed and dated the papers.

The flag, CBN, and Cape Henry have such divine connections that I prefaced the trip by writing my intentions to CBN asking that they be given to Pat Robertson?s. The reason was to ask for his prayers and blessings. We also had our personal pastor, Dr. Harold Michael Phillips, pray for us and bless us.

By now it was show time so Tricia, Susan and myself went over to see the 700 Club aired. At the end of the show someone had ar-ranged for Pat to speak with me briefly. Pat Robertson only wanted me to read the part having to do with the striking of the ground (not the church). When I finished he graciously smiled and said; ?bless you, go strike,
may the Lord anoint you to do so?. AMEN!


We headed over to our designation before lunch. There was a large gathering at the cross. I wanted high ground, solitude, sand and to see the ocean. We climbed the wooden path over the sand dune that led to the rectangle box at the top. You can hear me in the video saying, ?there is that boxing ring?. See Boxing Ring Dream. When we arrived at the top there was a gentleman there facing the ocean and periscoping. I could feel a kindred spirit with him. Our presence interrupted him and he ceased his recording and turned in our direction. I will let the video tell the story from here.

Marcia Thompson Eldreth


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Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
                                                                                              Psalm 33:12