The Beginning

I Heard You and You Heard Me
The Flag?s Beginning

by Marcia Thompson Eldreth

My employment with the International Laborers Union had taken me to a job in Berwick Pennsylvania at a nuclear power plant. I was away from home over five weeks. One afternoon I was in intercessory prayer in the hotel room and God?s Holy Spirit prompted me to pray a most unusual request ?Ask to meet Pat Robertson?. I did. This being especially odd to me I recalled the prayer knowing that if that transpired then something of a large significance will have taken place.

Spring 2003 my pastor had spoken forth from the pulpit that he believed every born again believer should be flying the Christian Flag. He did not care if someone had to make a new one, we should be boldly identifying with Christ. The thought to design a new flag was birthed in me. I learned that an effective way to pray was to just open your Bible to Hebrews 12 where it speaks about the heavenly Jerusalem. While reading and meditating on God, I prayed ?LORD, this is your flag, what do you want on it?? Immediately the vision of the eagle carrying the cross came. I knew it was United States specific with the general feel of the great commission. The preliminary drawing I showed my Pastor did not seem to be quite right to him and I could not seem to bring anything new to completion.


On Sunday, June 30, 2003, I was very depressed and felt actually ?dark?. There was a great temptation to run away out of spite. I could sense that it was the enemy trying to get me off course. Acknowledging that I was not going to listen to THAT other voice and prayed to God asking Him if there was someplace He wanted me to go and something He wanted me to do, to tell me, and I would go. I so expected to hear from God that I added a quick addition ?tell me before church is over so I would not have to wait all day?. The answer came quickly and it was to pack my art supplies and go to the Founder?s Inn in Va. Beach where CBN ministries are located. The bad feelings were replaced with a deep sense of mission. By reason of use, I knew my God?s voice.


The prayer of over a year prior came to remembrance as I packed for the 300 mile journey. I arrived on that same Sunday night sort of tired and mystified. I watched the 700 Club broadcast Monday and walked the grounds. Above the door of the broadcasting studio was the scripture found in Matthew 24:14 in part??And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations??? I opened my Bible and the rest is ?And then shall the end come?. I also knew in my spirit that the ribbon in the eagle?s beak was to have verse 4, ?take heed no man deceives you?.

I began drawing Tuesday after lunch and drew until 2:30 AM Wed. morning. The LORD?s sweetness was so around me as the praise and worship music played. I could feel His rolex replica uk very presence and all was quite surreal; it was as if I had stepped outside of myself.


The morning came and I packed the drawing in my portfolio and headed over to the broadcasting station. The security guards spoke with me about what I had in the portfolio and I took the opportunity to tell the story. The word got to Angell Watts, the public relations manager who told me to stay after the broadcast. She explained it replica watches uk just ?so happened? Pat Robertson had a little very unusual spare time.

Gordon Robertson and I were looking and talking about the drawing when this entourage of people approached from behind. I turned and looked right into the smiling face of Pat Robertson who came to see what I had to show him. Pat prayed for the flag?s mission, we had our photo taken and as he was leaving he looked back again at the drawing. His soft voice said to Angell Watt?s, ?Let?s see if we can get that on TV.? Oh, I could hardly contain the overflowing blessings.

The interview was December 9, 2003 and the feature aired June 14, 2004 and again June 14, 2005. While being interviewed I read to Barbara Cornick the scripture that God was going to once more shake both heaven and earth, this replica watches sale

God had heard me when I hublot replica uk obediently prayed while away on the job and I had indeed heard Him when he sent me to Virginia Beach to do the drawing. My next instruction was simply to proceed.


Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
                                                                                              Psalm 33:12